vladan sibinovic
01.09 - 30.09.2023.

“The phenomenon of happiness and the search for it through a physical and spiritual journey is the keystone that unites the latest series of works “Marbles” and is a logical continuation of my previous series “Helpful Things”.

Every painting in this body of work introduces a fragment taken out of a particular event, specific moments, objects and places which have positively affected me and left a sense of joy in an inventory of my inner experience; art itself, travel, mountains, sea, love, friendship, artist residency programs, animals, books…

The central work at the gallery, after which the exhibition was named “Listen to the Hummingbird”, was inspired by Leonard Cohen’s last track recorded for his 15th and final studio album, “Thanks for the Dance”. For me, the poem radiates depth, beauty and simplicity, which reminds me that at certain moments we have the privilege to caught a glimpse of the answers to some big questions in the little things and to let ourselves go to them in order to take us from the complexity of life to a certain sense of tranquility. Accordingly, when my mind is cluttered and overwhelmed with information, through my works I try to summon things, simplify my environment and present temporary moments of happiness.”

Vladan Sibinovic

Our objective is to promote the vibrant Belgrade art scene and to further stimulate the Serbian capital as international hotspot for contemporary art.

The Serbian art scene is not only on the rise – it will dominate the art market of Southeast Europe.

Art remains a great way to diversify your holdings and preserve values. Collecting has been shown to preserve the value of investments especially during economic drops or recessions.

19.10. - 22.10.23.

At Art Market Budapest, in collaboration with Sanjaj Gallery, we are presenting the works of Silvia Sarsano, Marko Kusmuk, Pasha Cas, and Veljko Valjarevic. Furthermore, we invite you to explore the art installation titled “In the Beginning Was the Word,” crafted by Nele Karajlic and curated by Denis Leo Hegic and Sanja Jankovic. This installation will have its premiere this October in Budapest.


Words are important

So let´s read and listen to the artists, thinkers, shakers and makers of the art world. Our Artwords series includes written thoughts in three languages, Serbian, 

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